KHAMER PHARMA CO.,LTD is a genuine pharmaceutical company which is expert in manufacturing and marketing of beauty and health. Our terms and conditions are created for all users of our website: that must be agreed upon before any orders can be made.

Our products are peptide, anabolic and androgenic steroids, men’s health care tablets and slimming products. All these products are NOT knowing to be used as drug, cosmetics, food additives, household chemical or other inappropriate consuming. The customer agrees that KHAMER PHARMA CO.,LTD provide products that is not safety and efficacy for use as drug, food, cosmetic, commercial, medical device or any other application. Our company will only supply high and genuine quality and deliver at the time and right manner of research products.

KHAMER PHARMA CO.,LTD and reserve the right to limit and/or deny sales of products to any unqualified individuals if we have reasons to believe which misuse will happen.

The customer represents and warrants to KHAMER PHARMA CO.,LTD that the customer will correctly use, test ,manufacture and market any products purchase ordered from KHMER PHARMA CO.,LTD and in accordance with the pratices of a reliable person who is experienced in the field and in strict following with all applicable laws and regulations.

KHAMER PHARMA CO.,LTD shall be liable for consequential damages,whether customers claim in contract, carelessness or any other way. The purchaser approves to repay and hold KHAMER PHARMA CO.,LTD or associates with harmless from all claims, losses, expenses and responsibility of any kind arising out of the order’s handling, possession, and /or use of product whether used alone or in combination with any other substance.

All the products and services which are offered by KHAMER PHARMA CO., LTD are affiliated with a manufacturing, laboratory, institution, university for RESEARCH purpose ONLY. Furthermore, all the purchasers must be a minimum of 18 YEARS OF AGE.

KHAMER PHARMA CO.,LTD and do not provide any type of guidelines or suggestions regarding reconstitution of hormones / peptides or their administration to your research. You will get a refusal answer to provide guidelines email, if you ask us for such information. is a international site and has international visitors. KHAMER PHARMA CO., LTD relies on each client to know the requirements of their own region and purchase accordingly. We do not take liability for confirming the importation requirements (import taxes, import certifications, licenses, registrations) and regulations of the purchaser and the purchases country of origin.

You should carefully read the following terms and condition, and DO NOT confirm your order if you do not accept them.


I and my affiliation/employer are quite clear that all these products have been restricted to laboratory research purposes, excluding clinical research on human body, by labeling or any other means. They cannot be applied for human usage without proper handling and some appropriate registration and approval. You have the commitments as follows, The products outsourced to you or your company will not be directly applied for usage on human body without appropriate requirements satisfied. And precautionary measures, if applicable, will be adopted to ensure that the products will not be used improperly by third party during the process of disposal, transfer or alike. My affiliation/employer and/or I will take all the responsibilities caused by the improper usage of the products by ourselves or any third party.