The most frequently asked questions

“A: We accept any kind of payment method. But we prefer Bank Transfer, which is slow but less problems. Western Union or Money Gram is also a fast, easy and secure payment method. Contact us for payment information.
We can also accept BitCoin and other similar methods.”
A: After you got our Western Union or Money Gram informations then go to your local money transfer agent or bank and do the transfer from there. You can locate your nearest Western Union or Money Gram agent by visiting their website or It is also possible to do the transaction online on their website with your credit card.
A: It is very simple, just go to your bank with the infos we give to you then they will help you to do the transfer.
A: We are from Cambodia and all customers are welcome to visit our office in Phnom Penh. You can find the location by searching KHAMER PHARMA at google maps.
A: We ship from Cambodia with success worldwide.
A: We prepare the goods as soon as we get your order.
A: We release your package the next day after we got the payment.
A: It is up to the post man, but most of times they require a signature.
A: The reason is that your package is trackable and proof for the delivery.
A: We use normal airmail or express on bigger orders.
A: We make them anonymous to make sure the person who ordered the goods get the goods and no other people. Only receiver will know what he ordered.
A: We will give you tracking number and page for track the order when goods are released.
A: We ship worldwide with success. This is with guarantee and we offer one free re-ship in case it is lost.
A: We are specialists in medicine and hormones and educated at University as Pharmacists.
A: KHAMER PHARMA is a legal registrered company with license from Ministry Of Health and approved by Ministry of Commerce.
A: We export all our products made on the factory in Cambodia.
A: Because we have the license to do it and it is a legal business.
A: You can check if we are legitime at google and google maps and any other business registrar. We are also on yellow pages in Cambodia as business listening.
A: We can only sell 100% real and genuine products in top notch quality and can prove it with lab test and other analysis.
A: Yes we do because we have many years of experiences in shipping and handling.
A: Please contact us on the form at our contact page.
A: When you have read the terms and conditions.
A: Yes we have, but you need to contact us to get the password.
A: Yes we can, but not on human use. Only for research.
A: Yes we can, but only research related studies of the effect.
A: Maybe your email did go to your spam folder because we answer every single email and check our inbox daily.
A: Yes we do, find our opening hours and phone number on our contact page.
A: By email or phone. See our contact information at our contact page.
A: We can give some discount on larger orders but please note that we are already the cheapest source online.
A: Yes we can provide you with discount code, contact us to get it.
A: No, in our country we do not require prescription on such products.
A: We can provide you with any Pharmaceutical products. We are specialists in hormones.
A: Yes we do MSDS and HPLC tests on all our products and can provide it to our customers that require it.
“A: For short time you can store it dark and below 25 degree celsius. (weeks)
For medium to longer time then store it in the refrigerator 3-6 degree celsius. (months)
For longer time, store it in your freezer -18 celsius. (half to whole years)”