Brand name: GRANDISISTO®

Potency: 1 mg
Composition: Triptorelin Acetate…1 mg
Salt: Acetate
Purity: 98%
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Tag: Decapeptyl, Diphereline, Gonapeptyl, Trelstar, Variopeptyl.
Sequence: pGlu-His-Trp-Ser-Tyr-D-Trp-Leu-Arg-Pro-Gly-NH2.
Indication: Triptorelin is indicated in the treatment of prostate cancer by reducing the amount of testosterone and so do the growth process of the cancer.

Form: Powder in vial.

Dosage: You can choose between:

3.75 mg for every 4 weeks.

11.25 mg for every 12 weeks.

22.5 mg for every 24 weeks.

Side effect: There are some possible side effect may appear like feeling hot on your face; decreased libido; hurt within your leg,joint, or breast; headache; insomnia; and feeling itching, swelling, or redness within the injection site.

Precaution: Do not use, if you allergic to any of the drug composition. Triptorelin can lead to the risk of diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

Interaction: Inform your doctor or Pharmacist if you use other drugs or supplements especially the antidiabetic or hyperprolactinemic.

Laboratory Chemical Analysis High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) file report:
Triptorelin Acetate 061711 HPLC LAB TEST KHAMER PHARMA

Laboratory Chemical Technology Mass Spectrometry (MS) file report:
Triptorelin Acetate 061711 MS LAB TEST KHAMER PHARMA