About Khamer Pharma

We strive to be known as the best leading provider of research peptides and genuine pharmaceutical products around the world with best service and international customer care. We will only supply high and genuine quality, fast shipment and delivery and reasonable prices. In short, we follow the key term:

  • Best service, better care
  • Competitive prices
  • High and genuine quality
  • Fast delivery

Providing appropriate service, prices, quality and delivery at the right time and in the right manner is vital to improving outcomes for long term relationship.

In order to achieve our vision, we setted up various action and plans. We will serve our customers with all our strength rather than reject them and rarely say “No” to customers. We also follow the Good Practice Procedure by strict selection of the best material, equipment, staff and so on, as well as cleanest production environment which aim to achieve high quality products. This Good Practice Procedure guide has been developed after extensive engagement, research and experiences.

This has led us to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and inspection by our local agencies that control authorization of license and guidelines.

Moreover, we cooperate with many of the best and skillful logistic and express companies to accelerate the shipping process and delivery success. All this is done to secure and protect our customers so that there no immediate risk to harm and no other misconceptions will occur when it comes to customers healthcare.


MR, KIM LIMPharmacist Specialist
MR. KIM got his degree in Pharmacy from University of Health Care in Cambodia. He have more than 5 years experiences in health products. MR. KIM is expert in hormones and their effect.
MR. TOUCH VANNARAProducts Responsibility
MR. VANNARA got his degree in Pharmacy at 12 grade from University of Health Care in Cambodia. He have more than 10 years experiences in health products. He is inspector at KHAMER PHARMA to make sure the quality is top notch.
MS. LINDA TRYPharmacist Assistant
MS. LINDA is active at University of Health Care in Cambodia. She have more than 3 years experiences in health products and specialist in Peptides and research of them.
MS. REBECCA EMPharmacist Manager
MS. REBECCA got her degree in Pharmacy from University of Health Care in Cambodia. She works as Manager in KHAMER PHARMA and have +5 years experiences in health products. MS. REBECCA is strong in Pharmaceutical enhancement and advise.
MR. PETER ROSComputer Supporter
MR. PETER is active at University of IT in Cambodia. MR. PETER support KHAMER PHARMA with IT related projects. He have skills in coding and knowledge in Windows Server 2012 and Adobe Photoshop. He is certificated WordPress website builder.
MS. LUCY KHYBusiness Marketing
MS. LUCY is active at University of IT in Cambodia. She is professional in Search Engine Optimization of WordPress and skills in coding.
MR. WANGChemist
MR. WANG is chemist at our factory and from University overseas. MR. WANG is professional in technologies related to laboratory work but with focus on aminos and complex organic chemistry. He is safety representative president and take care of chemical substance purchase.
MR. WULaboratory Technican
MR. WU is Lab Technican with degree from University College. MR. WU is expert in SDS page, Biological Peptide Activity, HPLC detection, MSDS, Heat source, germ and protein concentration testing and analysis.
MR. KONGSales Manager
MR. KONG is sales communication specialist from University overseas. MR. KONG is professional in leadership and business strategy. His skills are coaching, performance management and critical business thinking. He is active as sales manager for staff but he also take care of customers and their needs.

Our Skills

  • We can advise and support our customers because we are professional educated people engaged and available with wide range of experiences.

  • We can provide Laboratorium Tests that verify all our products and batches.

  • We are one step to go, means we have specific but various products in stock.

What Client’s Say

Once again a great service. I’v bought from these guys several times and received my goods within 7 days. The products are legitimate offering good growth and strength increases. They also offer good advice regarding quantity and therapy. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
Keith F. Liverpool

Our Partner

Research and Development

Under our supervision, we, Khamer Pharma always want to be the best to serve the public. To have a good and sustainable business growth, we now established a Research and Development connection which can improve our quality, innovation as well as to discover new ideas.

Quality Assurance:

We are equipped and linked with standard, high-tech, and updated manufacturing procedures which includes approved and certificated Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard, ISO 9001-2000, and Cambodia Ministry of Health licenses from Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We use the best ingredients and chemicals from Fisher Scientific, Sigma-Aldrich, Bio-Rad, Kimble USA, Scott Germany, and Merck Millipore.

Furthermore we stay updated with The United States Pharmacopeia–National Formulary (USP–NF) which is continuously revised.
USP offers standards and services for pharmacists, physicians and other healthcare professionals eg:

  • Compounding.
  • Medication Safety & Labeling.
  • USP Medicare Model Guidelines.
  • Standards for Dietary Supplements.
  • USP Verification Programs for Dietary Supplements, Dietary Ingredients and Pharmaceutical Ingredients.
  • USP Pictograms.
  • Academic Pharmacy Resource Program.